We are blessed to have a dedicated team of staff passionate about serving our local youth.

  • For general inquiries, please call our main office at (720) 585-7940
  • For specific questions, please see the staff directory below

Meet our Staff/Volunteers

  • Evan Kuzava
    Utilizing two decades of interaction with the spiritually dark skateboard industry and culture, Evan has given his life to seeing skateboarders worship the LORD instead of the board. Evanʼs primary focus is serving youth at The Skatuary, a nonprofit skateboard ministry in Denver, CO. 
    As a former “skateboarding addict” he has learned the pros and cons that 
    skateboarders face and desires to guide and share the hope of Jesus with a culture filled with anarchy and satanic influence. Fatherless and hurting kids escape the pain of home only to learn new addictions and pains in the free-for-all skatepark culture. For every kid seeking clean olʼ fun and athletic progression, there are two more learning about vandalism, drugs, sex and sin. Evan loves these skaters and connects with them in person by offering trick tips, videotaping stunts, and starting intentional conversation. Evan reaches beyond the local skatepark through live speaking, skate demos, social media, sharing his story and pointing to the God who cares.

  • Michael Leins
    Skateboarding for 26+ years and counting.  Physician who lives and works in Fort Collins, but comes down to 1-2 nights a month to skate and fellowship with the attendees regularly since July 2014.  Married for 11 years with one daughter and one son.  Heart for seeing the Skatuary and Youth for Christ provide a safe place to skate for at risk kids and seeds of the gospel message planted that will bear fruit for generations.

  • Luke Woodward
    My name is Luke. I've been skating since baggy pants were in style. Jesus is the reason I'm here today and I can't count all the blessings he delivers daily. When off my board I enjoy Weezer and Mountain Dew.

  • Jared Nelson
    The son of a pastor, I started skateboarding at the age of 6 in 1987. I was always the young grom skating with the older kids. Despite growing up in the church, in my early teens I started hanging out with a group that was more into partying and getting wasted than the skating. I fell in pretty hard and in my rebellious nature I turned my back on my faith and my family. Leaving home at 16, it wasn't until almost 20 before I reconciled with both God and my family. Now after over two decades being drug free and still skating, I want to help kids that are struggling with the same things I did in my youth; drugs, alcohol, depression, suicidal thoughts/desires and the like. Surrounding myself with a christian skateboard family has been a tremendous help and a blessing to me over the years, being encouraged spiritually, guided by God's truth and being fully accepted in my brokenness. I want kids to have the opportunity to experience that support and place of belonging that I so desperately needed when I was young. Skatuary is a place that can be that safe haven and christian family to anyone who is in need of help and encouragement.

  • Mark Bryant
    This is Mark. Pretty cool guy, huh? He’s been in ministry more years than I can count, has grown student ministries from small groups, and even written multiple ‘skateboard bibles.’ He’s also the owner and operator of the only wholesale pretzel company in Colorado Springs, Mark Anthony’s Pretzels. And trust me, they truly are delicious pieces of baked heaven.

  • Cooper Gagne

  • Matt Huff

  • Angela Retallack

    I am a Christian “Saved by Grace”, wife and mom to three. My youngest loves to skateboard, and I love to watch him. That means I find myself at skateparks often and I have seen the depravity and sinfulness of the skaters out there. I am very excited to serve in a ministry that caters to this specific population of kids and teens, and seeks to reach them with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  • Jason Retallack

    Christian, husband, and father of three. Passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and the ministry of God’s Word. Enjoys serving at the Skatuary and showing God’s love through loving others. Lives in Aurora Colorado but can be found at many of Colorado’s skate parks skateboarding with his son.